An endless source of amusement - seriously, some of these threads are so funny you should not read them at work

A Reddit thread about the most notable Reddit thread in history

Where I learned that:

And r/NFL is the subreddit for Super Bowl info instead of its own subreddit because r/superbowl is about superb owls.

 /r/JohnCena is about potato salad and /r/potatosalad is about John Cena

The subreddit /r/marijuanaenthusiasts is about trees because /r/trees was taken by marijuana enthusiasts.

Post-it notes left in apartment. about a guy who was was forgetting he left himself post-its because of CO poisoning

The guy who pretended he didn't know what potatoes were (this is so funny that it is not safe for work)

a rant about grilled cheese

Trolling in Spanish (when you do not like " taco shows" you get trolled in Spanish)

and much more!